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Cuts + Styling

Bob/Mid length Cut

Timing: 60-75 mins. 
This is the best option for someone who has hair past their shoulders, very thick hair. 

Timing: 45-60 mins.
This is for all the bob, lob, shoulder length cuts. If your hair is somewhere between chin and shoulder this is the best choice for you. 

Long/ Thick Cut

Select the option for your length/ style your hair is now. All haircuts come with a wash and blow out. 

Starting at $45

Starting at $45

Mens cuts

Timing: 30-40 mins.
This is the best option for those who are wanting short cuts, and involves clippers. This service includes a wash and style. 

Starting at $25


Timing: 45 min.
A blowout includes a relaxing shampoo head massage and a blow dry with preferred finished style. 

Starting at $40

Up Do

Timing: 60 mins 
Your stylist will help create a look that works with your style,for the special event. 

Starting at $50

color services

Full Color Experience

Timing: 120 minutes
This service is the best option for one all over color, or gray coverage. 

Timing: 180 mins
This service includes balayage, highlight, and lived in color on your full head. This is a blonding service. Ideal for a grown out balayage, highlights, or wanting a full color transformation. 

Cut and Color

Color services include a haircut and style.

Starting at $150

Starting at $95

Partial Color Experience

Timing: 150 mins
This service includes balayage, highlight, and lived in color on half your head. This is a blonding service. Ideal for in between maintenance, or someone who is looking for something more lived in.

Starting at $120

Toner Refresh

Timing: 60 mins
This service is ideal for maintenance in between color services. This is not a blonding service.

Starting at $60

Root touch up Express

Timing: 60 mins
This service includes root touch up, wash out. No blow dry/style or haircut. This is a quickie hair color. This service must be recommended to you by your stylist. 

Starting at $55

Grey Root Touch up and Gloss

Timing: 120 mins
This service is best for covering grays. Adding an all over gloss. Not a blonding service. 

Starting at $105



includes all of the following

consultation starting at $0

Perfect for anyone looking to add length or volume

Extensions install starting at $60*

Extension Move up Starting at $60*

Extension Removal starting at $50*

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*This price does not include hair cost. This price will be discussed at the consultation

The ingredients in the shampoo should still be effective over time, however you may build up residues from one product if you use it too frequently. Using a clarifying shampoo to rid your hair of the residue. Changing up products can be fun and is good for your hair too.

Is it true your hair gets used to certain shampoos and they become effective?

Washing your hair with a good shampoo/conditioner will help with the health of your scalp and hair. Everyone is different depending on the activities and amount of sebum secreted by the scalp. Not necessary for all people to wash their hair everyday. It can be drying to your hair to wash everyday, if you do feel like you have to use good conditioner on those ends, and a good oil. 

Should I wash my hair daily?

Although, many people think its better for the color to come with dirty hair, that is false! We recommend coming with clean hair, the color molecules will be able to”focus” color the hair instead of going through other previous products on the head. 

Should I come to get my hair colored with dirty hair?

Ingrown hairs can be inevitable for those people with course curly hair, the hair is likely to bend back into your skin. Waxing regularly could potentially reduce your chance of ingrown hairs. We recommend using an exfoliant scrub daily on those areas that are prone to ingowns.

How do I avoid ingrown hairs?

Thoroughly clean and inspect the desired treatment area. Any broken skin, cuts, scrapes, ect need to be healed before your appointment. The desired treatment should have at least ¼ long hair to have consistent removal.

How should I prepare for my waxing appointment?

A regular waxing is every 4-6 weeks. Following this schedule, you will be a happy camper

How often should you get waxed?